About Us


Moksha is the brainchild of Arjun Singh Rawat and Rajeev Danga, who have years of experience in running top class Indian restaurants, both in India and the UK. They are hard working and ambitious and through sheer hard work they made entirely new restaurants owned by others highly successful. Their passion for the hospitality industry ignited a secret ambition to own a restaurant of their own one day. They waited for the right opportunity and the right moment to fulfil their ambition and Moksha was finally born in Sep 2016.

Message from Partners

Moksha offers the vast and vibrant cuisine of India by removing the mystery and retaining all the magic. Taking pride in the food heritage of India, Moksha brings a fresh approach to cooking and serving Indian food with the belief that both cuisine and culture are evolutionary.
The restaurant offers deliciously decadent Indian dishes with all the traditional flavours in tact.


Both Arjun and Rajeev, armed with highly talented head chef Sanjay Kumar and his skillful team, are aiming to make Moksha one of the best Indian restaurants in the UK. With their high class food and service Moksha has been delighting the local community ever since they opene their door to the public. Such an outstanding restaurant as this is bound to move forward and occupy a top position in the world of gourmet Indian cuisine. Once this is achieved creation of a second Moksha restaurant is definitely a viable proposition and that is what the dynamic duo is aiming to do.


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